Our history

Two Worlds - The Harmony between our Companions and Us

Since childhood, Alexis and Emma, ​​brother and sister, have shared a deep passion for animals. They had dogs, cats, dragons, hamsters, rabbits etc... Their house was a real sanctuary.

Growing up, Alexis and Emma decided to share their passion with the world. They created "Two Worlds", a virtual place where animal lovers could find everything their four-legged friends could dream of. Cozy doghouses for dreamers, toys for adventurers, gadgets for the curious - each product carefully selected to enrich the lives of animals and their humans.

The name "Two Worlds" reflected their belief that the human and animal worlds were meant to come together, help each other, and coexist in perfect harmony. This site was more than just a store; it was a celebration of the love shared between the two worlds.